Hunter Rescue

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Levertijd: 1 week

Artist: Joshua Sala

Community: Umiujaq

Year: 2001

Media: Argillite, sinew and antler

Signed: Roman

Size: 30 x 10 x 15 cm

Weight: 3,6 kg

Joshua Sala was born in Sanikiluaq and lived in the Nastapoka River area until the age of twenty. He moved to Kuujjuaraapik in 1958 and to the new community of Umiujaq in 1986. Joshua learned to carve at the age of twenty-one by watching others. He carves just about anything related to Inuit culture using materials such as antler, stone and narwhale parts. He prefers, however, to work with soapstone because he finds it easier to carve.

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