Summer Treat

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Levertijd: 1 week

Artist: Ningiukulu Teevee

Community: Cape Dorset

Year: 2019

Edition: 25 / 50

Media: Lithograph

Paper: Arches Cover Black

Size: 74 x 56,3 cm

Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq


This technique is based on the natural antipathy of grease and water. The image is drawn directly onto a flat slab of limestone,by using grease crayons or special inks. The slab is then inked. The ink will stay on top of the greasy parts, and be absorbed by the not greasy parts. The image is then covered with damp paper and gently presure will create the printed image. Four stones are needed to create a full colour print, the three basic colours and black. Lithography allows the artist freedom of line and fine detail. Also the effects which occurs by using pencils, crayons or even chalk are still visible.


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