Walrus hunter

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Levertijd: 1 week

Artist: Johnny Aculiak

Community: Inukjuak

Year: 2007

Media: Steatite

Signed: Syllabics

Size: 12 x 11,5 x 18,5 cm

Weight: 2,9 kg

Johnny Aculiak [1951 - 2008]

"I want people who buy carvings to know what it takes to produce the things they are buying. I want them to know that the price they pay is small for the amount of energy spent in producing it." (1997)

"I try to encourage younger people to carve. I emphasize the fact that young people should follow the traditions of their forefathers. It seems to me that our culture will die off one day if we do not keep carving. The carvings we make show the Inuit way of life. I notice that we are losing our language. The younger generation mainly speaks English and if that keeps up, our language will die. This is a very big concern for me. In spite of the hard work required to quarry stone in the winter, when the rock is covered with snow, I do it in the hope that our culture will be passed on through our carvings. If the carvers were to all die, we would not have anyone to carry on the tradition that we have continued through our carvings."

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