Swimming Walrus

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Artist: Ningeokulu Teevee

Community: Cape Dorset

Year: 2018

Edition: 34 / 50

Media: Stonecut & stencil

Paper: Kizuki Kozo White

Size: 27,5 x 37,7 cm

Printer: Qavavau Manumie


The stonecut is a variation of the woodcut. A soapstone slab is painted white, then the printer carefully copies the drawing onto the stone using black India ink. The areas that should not to be printed are chisseld away. The printer inks the image with a soft rubber roller, sometimes using more colours at once, and covers the image with a piece of ricepaper. Rubbing the paper against the the carved image with various pressure, to create different degrees of sharpness. The different colours used will merge and blend into interesting patterns. At last the paper is peeled off and hung to dry. For each impression should the stone be re-inked



Stencilling is one of the basic printmaking techniques. Areas that should be "printed" are cut out from a stiff waxed paper, each colour has his own stencil. The so cutout image is directly placed over a sheet of paper. The artist now applies the ink in tiny amounts with brushes onto the paper by pounding the ink through the unblocked openings. The same colour needs to be stippled on over and over again. By varying the density of the ink applied soft transitions from darker to lighter shades can be achieved.

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